Our governance

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Living Streets is a registered charity and a registered company limited by guarantee, governed by a board of trustees. The board contains between eight and 16 Trustees, who also act as Directors of the limited company. Trustees can serve no more than two consecutive three year terms on the Board. Prospective board members are nominated by the board and elected by members of the organisation at the annual general meeting (AGM).

The board meets four times a year, and is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation. They ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulation, as well as the continuing financial health of the organisation. They also hold the Chief Executive to account for the efficient and effective running of the organisation.

A sub-committee of the board, the Executive Committee, meets monthly and has delegated authority. The Executive Committee focuses on finance and operational matters, reporting back to the board on its work at each meeting. The Chief Executive and Company Secretary (Head of Finance and Operations) attend all board and Executive Committee meetings.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the day to management of Living Streets, and any subsidiary bodies. A Management Team of senior staff meets monthly to ensure the smooth running of the organisation.

Members of the organisation are people who have made a commitment to play a part in the governance of the organisation and are distinct from donors or supporters. To find out more about becoming a member of the organisation, please email info@livingstreets.org.uk.

Meet our trustees.

Living Streets Services Ltd (100% subsidiary of Living Streets)

Living Streets Services is the trading subsidiary of the charity, channeling its profits back into Living Streets in a tax-efficient manner. Living Streets Services Ltd is responsible for all commercial and consultancy activities linked to Living Streets’ work. The trading subsidiary allows Living Streets to undertake activity which is non primary-purpose trading; for example, selling merchandise linked to our campaigns and projects and working on international consultancy.

Living Streets Services is governed by a board of Directors, which is made up of senior management staff, the Living Streets Chair and two independent Directors. The board meets regularly, and day-to-day responsibility is delegated to the Chief Executive of Living Streets. Living Streets Services Ltd is a registered company, limited by shares.