Affiliated Groups

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Help us to build a pedestrian movement, not only in the UK nations and regions but further afield too!

Living Streets is looking for like-minded groups to promote pedestrian issues in their area and help us work towards creating better streets for people.

By affiliating, you will become part of a growing community of groups and organisations demanding change in our villages, towns and cities.  

Our Affiliated Groups:

  • support our national activity
  • campaign on issues that matter most to people in their communities
  • have access to a range of support materials.

If your group would like to be affiliated with Living Streets and help build a stronger voice for pedestrians, just fill in the form below. We welcome community groups, national and regional organisations.

Become a Living Streets Affiliated Group

Affiliated Group contact one:
Affiliated Group contact two:
Completing this part of the form for someone else? Please ensure you have their permission to provide us with their details.

Why do we need a Charter agreement?

The Charter terms and conditions link your Group to Living Streets. Together we can make a big difference and create a strong community for change across the country.

The terms may seem a little lengthy, but we’ve done our best to make it as friendly and concise as possible. As a national charity we need to make sure that have correct procedures in place and that Groups understand what Living Streets can offer.

The Charter outlines how we can work together to achieve strong and effective campaigning. The Charter is entered into when the Group signs the Affiliated Groups Charter and is then renewed annually, via email communication, each spring.

The terms and conditions document sets out how Living Streets and each Affiliated Group relate to and support each other. Living Streets seeks to create a spirit of trust, respect and genuine partnership with its network of Affiliated Groups. The terms of the Affiliated Groups Charter inform the goals that Affiliated Groups set and clarifies the level of support that they can expect from Living Streets.

What is the role of Affiliated Groups?

Affiliated Groups are independent of Living Streets, but are linked to Living Streets via the Affiliated Groups Charter. They are Groups that share a common cause, of helping to create better streets, and seek to promote pedestrian rights with Living Streets campaigns and messages.

Who can affiliate with Living Streets?

National organisations, regional organisations or community groups are welcome to apply to be affiliated with Living Streets. All groups affiliated to Living Streets must be non party political and independent in nature.