Community street audits

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"The Community Street Audit report opened my eyes. The justification is here for me, it's all in one place."

Lydia Clarkson, Special Projects Manager, Westminster Council

Our highly commended community street audits involve working with groups of stakeholders, including local residents and businesses to identify improvements which will create a safe, attractive and enjoyable environment for all users.

Living Streets has audited walking routes in major cities, busy town centres and residential areas. The resulting report has successfully secured funding for short term improvements and also contributed to masterplans for longer term projects.

Why a Community Street Audit?

Streets and public spaces are most successful when your residents have the opportunity to influence decisions about them, and effective involvement is a sure fire way to reap the benefits of a good community relationship. But getting the best from local engagement can be a challenge. At Living Streets, we have years of experience of successfully working with local stakeholders to inform practical improvements on the ground and plans for the future.

Community Street Audits are a way to evaluate the quality of streets and spaces from the viewpoint of the people who use them, rather than those who manage them. We involve small groups of local residents, traders, councillors and officers to assess a route on foot, following which a detailed report is produced with recommendations.

The report details issues raised by all the stakeholders, and adopts a pragmatic approach to solutions to help make your work effective. Living Streets can then provide ongoing support to residents and local authorities in order to make the improvements happen.

Prices range from £5,000-10,000 depending upon the level of community engagement required.

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