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Greenbank Living Streets is a Local Group based in the Greenbank area of Easton, Bristol. We are all about trying to make our neighbourhood less car dominated, and more people-focused. Inconsiderate parking and rat running are common in our neighbourhood.

We want to improve our local area to make it a more pleasant place to play, walk, cycle and live in. To do this, we want to reduce car traffic through the area, which will in turn improve air quality, reduce noise and impact positively on the liveability of the area. We want to improve the way people drive through and park in the area to make it more safe for people, and particularly children, to walk around and play in.



We want to create safe routes to school through our neighbourhood and to enhance access to the Bristol and Bath Railway Path which runs through the area. The Path is one of the most important and successful pieces of active travel infrastructure in the UK.

We hope that these changes will increase neighbourliness by encouraging people to linger in their streets and feel at home as they move around the neighbourhood. We also want to increase wildlife and biodiversity through creating new green space and places for nature.

We will achieve this through conversations with the community so that we really understand the issues and what people want. We will then bid for community infrastructure levy funding for neighbourhood changes which might include parklets, street trees, cycle parking, continuous footways and planters.

We also aim to mitigate the impact of a large new development on the site of an old factory. Bristol’s clean air zone will also be ending at the edge of our neighbourhood, which is likely to have an impact on rat running and parking.

Longer term, we want to be a pilot area for low traffic, liveable neighbourhoods in Bristol, including innovations like shared transport hubs. We will develop links and work closely with other organisations and groups with an interest in these issues, including local councillors, a group in lower Easton who have put in a successful CIL bid, Sustrans, Bristol Walking Alliance and Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

We really want your input – to draw on your ideas and local knowledge about what needs to be done, or just to keep you in touch with what we are doing. If you want to get involved, please get in touch through the links on the left.