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We are a group of residents who would like to establish low traffic neighbourhoods across the city and help make our streets the focal point of community again.

In particular, we want to make our streets safe and enjoyable places to socialize, walk, cycle, play out and organise food sharing/gardening/exchanges. This would help walking, wheeling and cycling become the first choice for short journeys in Portsmouth, or as we call it 'Pompey'. Given the flat and compact nature of the city it has huge potential for a high quality network of active travel routes.


Overall aim: 

To make our streets the focal point of community again.

Main objectives:

1. To raise awareness locally of Play Streets, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, 15 minute neighbourhoods, Mini-Holland schemes etc, and their benefits.

2. To establish more localised Living Streets groups who push for change in their neighbourhoods, in particular tackling excessive through-traffic. We want to install modal filters to prevent rat-running and create a much safer and quieter environment for residents.

3. To join up these localized Living Streets groups into a city-wide movement calling for a network of low traffic neighbourhoods and joined up and safer cycling routes.

4. To green our streets to help improve air quality, aid rainwater drainage and create a more pleasant environment for all.

5. To work with traders, shoppers and residents to help create more welcoming shared spaces on our local high streets, including better footways and more accessible crossings.

6. To change the perception of what residential streets are for: not just places to drive through but somewhere community can flourish: kids are safer to play out and make friends easier, neighbors can socialise more readily, places where just hanging out, having mini jumble or jam sales outside your house, and street festivals becomes the norm.

A group of older adults walking


To get involved, you can contact us via