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Welcome to Ratho Living Streets Group. Ratho is a village in the Rural West Edinburgh, Scotland. Its population at the 2011 census was 1,634. We are a group of local residents, aiming to work together to create safer streets in and around our village.


Our current campaign focus is looking at:

  • Safer routes to protect children walking to school
  • Create a network of safe pedestrian crossings around our village
  • Create wider and safer pavements particularly around ‘blind bends’
  • Create traffic calming measures throughout our village
  • Improve public transport and cycling links to Edinburgh park and Edinburgh gateway

These priorities have been instigated by the following:

  • Villagers feeling unsafe on foot due to traffic ignoring 20mph signs
  • No current safe pedestrian crossings in the village
  • Recent incident of schoolchild being hit by a car
  • Increase in housebuilding in surrounding villages alongside poor public transport links, has resulted in higher volumes of traffic through the village.
A woman walking on a city centre pavement in autumn