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Since 2020, a number of residents of Dinas Powys got together to discuss issues around speeding traffic on the residential roads of the village. This formalised into a ‘Move Safely’ group initially and now this Living Streets Group.


We are a local residents group to improve the public realm for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, and decrease the speed and volume of traffic within and through our village.  

  • Promoting walking as the default method to travel within Dinas Powys, and improving infrastructure, such as better pedestrian crossings and improved pavement quality.  This is particularly important for the elderly, those who use wheelchairs/mobility scooters and young families with pushchairs.
  • Lobbying for better links for walking and cycling between Dinas Powys and our larger neighbour towns/cities – Barry, Penarth and Cardiff.  In particular links to our local schools both within and outside Dinas Powys.
  • Reducing traffic speeds and ending inconsiderate and dangerous driving, including pavement parking, and supporting 20mph zones in residential areas.
  • Supporting the idea of green lanes for the network of lanes that surround us, these are often used as a rat run in particular for school run and commuter traffic, we would like to see these more as a shared space for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and motor vehicles.
A child rides a scooter on a residential street

Our main local areas of concern are:

  • Speeding traffic on Mill Road/Pen y Turnpike; Longmeadow Drive and Cardiff Road,
  • Issues around crossing busy roads which bisect our community.
  • Impact of poor driving and increased danger to horse riders and pedestrians on the many lanes near the village such as Westra, St Andrew’s Road and Cross Common Road;
  • Issues related to the state of pavements and lack of dropped kerbs and sensible crossings; lack of a pedestrian and cycle facilities between Dinas Powys and our neighbouring town of Barry;
  • Increasing the active travel routes to Penarth and Cardiff which would decrease issues around car dependence. 



We would love to get more residents involved in working towards solutions that can work for all of us, so please do get in touch.