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We are a small but committed group of local residents who would like to improve Hackney’s streets and public spaces for social uses including walking, socialising resting, playing and exercising.

Hackney is lucky to have a dense street network with low car ownership and high levels of walking (40%) and cycling. However, motor traffic continues to dominate Hackney’s streets even though there are clear social, health, economic and environmental benefits in encouraging walking and improving the public realm.


We campaign on the following issues:

  • Air pollution which is high in Hackney, particularly around schools
  • Reducing excessive car speeds in streets such as Church Street and many residential streets   
  • Reducing through motor traffic which blights many streets, especially in residential streets and around schools
  • Trying to capitalise on low car ownership of 35% of households to release more street space for other uses other than for driving and parking.
  • Increasing footway space for pedestrians and making streets easier to walk on and cross.
  • Greening our streets with more trees, flowers and planting.
  • Promoting planning that reduces the need for long travel

We engage with the Council on these issues, and respond to Council consultations on any issues that affect the public realm and walking in general.

We work closely with the Hackney Cycling Campaign on many issues.

A parklet in Hackney


The Local Group usually has a meeting every two months in the Pembury Tavern on Amhurst Road E8. Much of our communication is through email.

Please do come to the local group with any issues in your area that concern you.  We all want to help.

Just so you know, you're contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.