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We are a group of local residents looking to improve the streets of Ipswich for everyday walking.


We believe our home town can make ambitious changes to prioritise pedestrians and reduce car-dependence, cutting congestion and making Ipswich cleaner, greener and safer for all.


We focus on the following priorities:

  • Promoting walking as the best, cheapest and greenest way to travel short journeys in Ipswich;
  • Improving walking infrastructure, such as more car-free zones, better pedestrian crossings and improved pavement quality;
  • Reducing traffic speeds and ending inconsiderate and dangerous driving, including supporting 20mph zones in residential areas;
  • Reclaiming street space from traffic and parking for more social and active use.

We will campaign to raise awareness and support of these issues locally, engaging with councils and local stakeholders and responding to relevant consultations with these priorities in mind.

Cars and a cyclist on a road in Ipswich