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The Islington Living Streets Group was the first to successfully lobby for 20 mph speed limits on all residential roads. Islington therefore became the first London borough to achieve this victory.


We worked with Islington Cyclists to press Transport for London for safe pedestrian and cycle crossing at Madras Place, Holloway Road.


We’re regularly consulted by the council on a variety of issues, including traffic management schemes, controlled parking zones and planning policy and proposals. Whenever possible, we consult local supporters living around an area where there is a proposed development.

The Local Group has two general meetings a year – the summer AGM, and a Christmas meeting in December; each includes an external speaker. We also host a programme of regular meetings.

We work closely with Cycle Islington and our MP Jeremy Corbyn to make better provision for walking and cycling and to reduce domination by motor traffic. 

A man and a woman waling on a zebra crossing


Join the Local Group and help us with our current campaigning activity. This includes improving the Regent’s Canal’s towpath safety, and lobbying to extend 20 mph limits to main roads where we live, work and shop. The Local Group is also supporting the London action for a City of 20.