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Rugby Living Streets Group is looking for some active people to get involved.


There is a lot going on in the town to discuss, and we want to put the voice for walking front and centre.


Living Streets Rugby launched in November 2021 to promote active travel and use of public transport in the town, with a particular focus on the school run. 

By choosing to walk or cycle short journeys rather than taking the car, we can make the town less polluted and safer for everyone. 

Outdoor activity is important for your physical and mental health, and a great way to meet and interact with your community.

During half term we were struck by the reduction in traffic, indicating how much the school run contributes to congestion. Young lungs are particularly sensitive to air pollution, and by setting a good example to the next generation we may be able to affect change on our own.

A woman walking with a young school girl

A woman walking with a young school girl


We are in discussions with the local council to try and improve road safety with improved signage and pedestrian crossings. We meet regularly via a walking group, which gives us a chance to discuss initiatives and increases our visibility within the community.