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Walkley (Sheffield) Local Group

Walkley Living Streets is a group of local people across the Walkley ward in Sheffield. 

We love our streets and want to see them safe and accessible for everyone. We want to hear about what makes Walkley streets more difficult for you and to join people up to help improve things.


Our latest focus has been the streets around Walkley Primary School, including Walkley Road (pictured from our Safe Streets Now action joined by local councillors). We want to see all schools in Walkley having safe, calm streets for children to get to school on. 

We aim to listen to people across Walkley and help make concerns about our streets, and what we want to do to solve them, clear to decision makers in the council. 

We have run surveys of people and businesses on South Road, and people at Ruskin Park Fun Day, and shared these through the Walkley Forum.


Where do you want to see streets in Walkley improve? You're welcome to join and we'll work on it together. Give our blog a read and find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.