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Wallingford Living Streets Group covering Wallingford and Crowmarsh, is run by local volunteers who want to see better and safer use, understanding and design of pedestrian crossings, zebra crossings, pelican crossings and so forth, especially close to schools, shops and local facilities where streets and/or pavements are narrow. We carry out 'active-observation' research to help achieve this.


Based in the Wallingford and Crowmarsh area, the Group is concerned with advising on plans for pedestrian transport infrastructure, specifically in line with the current proposals within the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (Policy MC4: Safe Travel) and Crowmarsh Parish Neighbourhood Plan (1.12 7 Improved traffic management within and through the Parish).

Wallingford Living Streets Group exists to promote and develop the rights of pedestrians to cross the roads in safety and simplicity.


To ensure the right of all pedestrians to make their urban journeys in peace, security and freedom is guaranteed.

To reduce traffic intimidation in urban and residential areas

Our ultimate aim is to create an environment where walking and other forms of active travel become the most natural and rewarding way for everyone to visit local schools, friends, shops, and all the amenities that make Wallingford thrive.

Wallingford town centre


We formed the group in May 2022 and are looking for new members to join us – so please do get in touch! 

We are looking for people to support us in achieving our aims and we’d be delighted if you’d sign up to receive news from your local group and ask if you have any questions or would like to help us with our campaigns.

Just so you know, below you will be contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.